Sunday, July 19, 2009

This Just In..... Hello from Florida

Highlights from our first week in Florida:

First Saydee rocked on our flight here! She hated taking off and landing, but she did so good, it was a long day and she was content all day.
The biggest highlight was just getting here and being with Ryan again. It was so good to be with him again and to start our little adventure together. We enjoyed our first Family Home Evening together in Florida, we had the funnest activity we've ever had for F.H.E. SWIMMING in our pool. Yeah! it was great. I have finally reduced the boxes in our living room enough to sit on the couch, I am very proud of myself ( It took all week.)
Then by far our very most fun thing we did was go to the beach! Ryan and I had so much Fun, Saydee just watched us. It was funny. You could tell that we have been desert dwellers our whole lives because we were so excited to see the little clams on the shore and I watched a pelican grab and eat a fish right in front of us! It Rocked!
It is storming pretty hard right now, so I have to go watch it with Ryan and Saydee...... More to come.........